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Mortgage Services

Davis Lawyers has a practice group which specialises in assisting money lenders. Services available from this group include:

Recovery - Our recovery team is a multi-disciplinary teams, which embraces a unique approach. Whilst we have senior lawyers who are well versed in traditional legal recovery techniques, our success stems from balancing lawyers and commercial negotiators with a background in commerce. Our approach to recovery is to systematically dismantle each file, identify the obstacles and formulate the most effective route for safe exit. This includes an independent assessment of the real current market values of securities, liaising with borrowers, real estate agents, valuers and property acquisition groups. In addition, we realise that in a majority of cases, the best exit strategy for some mortgagees is for the borrower to refinance. For this approach, we have access to an extensive broker network and finance groups which can fast track most refinances and we monitor the refinance process very closely.

Capital raising and corporate compliance - We prepare and advise on prospectuses, financial services guides, authorised representative appointments and AFLS compliance issues. We are very familiar with the issues that face short and long term lenders when dealing with rating agencies and trustees and are able to assist in corporate structuring.

Loan and security documentation - We provide state of the art loan and security documentation and offer a regular turnaround of half a business day from the time of receiving instructions.

We offer all of these services and more on a national level.

We act for a number of lenders, whose loan books range from $500,000 to over $50 million, including public companies.